Information about Latvia and cities you may visit during your stay.

Rīga is the capital of Latvia and the largest city in the Baltic States. It is a cultural center and home to beautiful Art Nouveau architecture and medieval Old Town. Distance from intsaab2018 venue place (Ratnieki) to Riga is just 57 km and it is a 1 hour drive by car.

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Sigulda is a town located close (approx. 12.5 km) to the intsaab2018 event and is worth visiting. For more information please visit

Cēsis is a historical town and is the third oldest town in Latvia that was founded in 1206. Cēsis is located approx. 21 km away from the intsaab2018 venue place. For more information please visit

Līgatne is a town on the Gauja River located approx. 10,4 km from the intsaab2018 venue place. The village of Līgatne was built around the paper mill, still extant, on the River Līgatne in the 19th century. For more information please visit 

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