This year we are offering two pretours. One from South, the other one from North. South tour will be more suitable for those who are coming from Western Europe by car or by ferry. North tour will be more suitable for those who are coming from Northern Europe by ferry to Tallinn.

Both pretours will be limited to 20 cars each.

Price for pretour is 20 Euros for adult and 10 Euros for child (5-15 years) which includes organizing pretour, pretour informative materials and pretour crew following pretour path.

North pretour starting from Tallinn

Pretour from north will start in Estonia, Tallinn. 

Pretour schedule in short:

6th August, Monday, Tallinn - Narva - Toila

7th August, Tuesday, Toila - Kohtla Jarve - Peipsi lake - Tartu

8th August, Wednesday, Tartu - Valka - Cesis

9th August, Thursday, Cesis - Bikernieki race track - Saulkrasti

10th August, Friday, Saulkrasti - Ratnieki

South pretour Fully Booked!

South pretour starting from Liepāja

This year’s IntSAAB  South pre-tour has been named the gourmet tour. Our aim is to introduce you to the modern Latvian kitchen, and at the same time take you on a tour through historical, significant and beautiful locations.

All participants will be welcomed in Liepaja on August 5th. Those of you, who took part in this event in 2008, will remember this city, however, it has changed substantially during the last 10 years.

Therefore we will spend the first day of the tour (August 6th) in Liepaja, where you will have the chance to visit various interesting spots and to taste the delicious food offered in Liepaja.

On Tuesday, August 7th, we will head up the coast to Kuldīga, which is famous for its cultural and historical heritage, the widest (but not highest) waterfall in Europe and great restaurants. Kuldīga is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On Wednesday, August 8th, we will continue on towards Ventspils – the flower and fountain capital with a broad promenade, a Livonian Order castle, a seaside park and a water park. In the evening, we will arrive near Miķeļbāka, the tallest lighthouse in the Baltics.

We will be driving along the Gulf of Riga on Thursday, August 9th, and the main attractions in Riga include the recently renovated Motormuseum and the historical Biķernieki race track, where you will have a chance to put your skills to the test.